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Having a career in the society of esteem

The word “career” can make ones heart leap for joy.  Why?   Perhaps it’s because a successful career is each person’s ultimate goal in modern society.

Having a career means that we are successful and receive esteem.  In our society we connect esteem to money and prestige.

We also associate career with something else in our society: fear.  Fear of losing our achieved goal and as a result losing esteem in the form of money and prestige.

Some people can build a career without producing real achievement because there are numerous ways to climb the career ladder.  To participate actively with talent alone is only one way.

The society of esteem has a different relationship to careers.

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Homo honoris – the esteem human being

According to the newest finding in Spain we have fresh the oldest human being, homo antecessor. We know about homo sapiens who developed from homo antecessor.

The end of this chain is homo honoris, the esteem human being! Homo honoris is esteeming through his whole existence. With this existential basic setting toward esteem homo honoris is able to change his life sphere accordingly.

To live with esteem means: holistic fullfilled individual life, roundly successful social life as well as respect and esteem towards all people and the whole nature. It’s only a question of time when homo honoris emerges definitively out of homo sapiens