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Hurray! I have received an esteem!

All right. May I ask for what we receive esteem?

If we do what another person wants of us. Or if we are rich. Or if we have an important profession. Or if we are intelligent. Or … The enumeration is endless. Each of us can enumerate something as experienced in life.

In Sikantis it reads as follows: Hurray! I receive esteem. Not only one. Not only for an action. And not only once in a while. The people in Sikantis receive always esteem for themselves as person and for their talents, whatever these are.

Yes, in Sikantis the people can cheer permanently.

Hoarding for esteem

Just imagine, starting 2009 everything will be for free like in the society of esteem Sikantis!

What will happen? Most people experience a regular collecting obsession. They hoard to a fare-thee-well. No question! But after that? The people overflow with superfluous things. Superfluous are all those things which we have only for one purpose: to receive esteem with their possession.

In the society of esteem we receive esteem without having to own something for it.

Hoarding for esteem? Not in Sikantis!


Esteem in the book

Recently I have edited my first novel for children and teenager “Mysterious visit from Sikantis”.

The novel is about a 10-year-old boy called Richie who undergoes a most exciting and unusual adventure. At the same time the novel inducts entertainingly in the basic thoughts of the Society of Esteem.

A successful example to the interaction of pleasure and information!