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Esteeming education for teenagers and adults

You live and learn. This is a life wisdom every adult person knows from their own experience.  What we know less in our society is the freedom to learn at any time, at every age and to learn a second or third profession without a negative impact on our career.  We have little experience in tuning our learning to our own wishes.  In our modern society learning is adapted to a learning plan, course times and given places.  We seldom have the freedom to intensify our learning at certain times or to interrupt it at other times.

In the society of esteem education is provided with esteem.  This means that every person realizes his or her own education by themselves. 

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Esteeming education for children

The foundation of our educational system is the system itself.  The school is an institution.  Institutions offer security and quality – these are the advantages. Institutions are slow and only laborious to modernize – these are the disadvantages.  School as an institution wants to guarantee education for everybody.  But school as an institution causes a leveling of the knowledge and the students.

If we look at the world from the point of view of the society of esteem institutions are not longer necessary as guarantor for security and quality.  Most important for education is esteem.  What does this mean?

Every child is an individual.  Every child has his own character, his strengths and weaknesses.  Every child owns his unique talents.

Our educational system summarizes a group of children of the same age in one school class.  Let’s look at these children.  One of these children has no trouble learning mathematics.  Another child has a great athletic talent.  A third child would rather play than learn.  How do we want to summarize all these children?

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