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Money’s impact on our social life / Der Einfluss von Geld auf unser soziales Leben

Esteem is one of our most vital motivations for happiness and fulfillment in our life.  That’s why we’re capable of doing almost anything to get esteem.  The most obvious way to get esteem in western society is to accumulate a lot of money.

Having more money means having more prestige and therefore more attention and esteem.  But wealthy people often experience that this kind of esteem isn’t long lasting.  It has to be earned each day anew – a never-ending fight for esteem.

Chasing money for chasing esteem can make people forget that there are other important things in life such as taking care of the people around us.  Taking care of relationships requires self-consciousness and a healthy self-esteem.

Putting our whole energy into making money and advancing a career while neglecting the social relationships may cause an unfillable hole when we lose money and/or a career.  We hear stories frequently of people who don’t have a social network of caring people around them when they encounter a life crisis.  Often these people don’t see a reason to continue to live.  The results are tragic.

Money can have a negative impact on our social life when it’s the only means to getting esteem.

In a society of esteem people get esteem for their talents and just for being here.  When all people get the same esteem there’s no reason to put energy into making money just to receive virtual esteem.  People are already acknowledged and therefore happy and balanced.  These are the people who have the time and interest to take care of their fellow men.


Wertschätzung ist eines der lebenswichtigsten Motivationen für Glückseligkeit und Erfüllung in unserem Leben. Das ist der Grund, warum wir beinahe alles machen, nur um Wertschätzung zu erhalten. Die naheliegendste Weise, Wertschätzung in unserer Gesellschaft zu erhalten, ist, viel Geld anzuhäufen.

Mehr Geld zu haben heisst, mehr Prestige zu haben und damit mehr Aufmerksamkeit und Wertschätzung. Reiche Menschen erfahren jedoch, dass diese Art Wertschätzung nicht lange andauert. Sie muss jeden Tag verdient werden – ein endloser Kampf um Wertschätzung.

Nach Geld zu jagen, um nach Wertschätzung zu jagen, lässt die Menschen vergessen, dass es andere wichtige Dinge im Leben gibt, wie zum Beispiel sich um andere zu kümmern. Sich um Beziehungen zu kümmern erfordert Selbstbewusstheit und eine gesunde Selbst-Wertschätzung.

Unsere gesamte Energie darauf zu konzentrieren, dass wir Geld verdienen und eine Karriere machen während wir unsere Beziehungen vernachlässigen verursacht ein nichtauffüllbares Loch in uns, wenn wir unser Geld oder unsere Karriere verlieren. Oft hören wir von Leuten, die ohne tragende liebevolle Beziehungen dastehen, wenn sie eine Lebenskrise durchmachen. Diese Menschen sehen dann oft keinen Grund mehr weiterzuleben.

Geld kann einen negativen Einfluss auf unser gesellschaftliches Leben haben, wenn es nur ein Mittel zum Zweck dafür ist, Wertschätzung zu erhalten.

In einer Wertschätzungsgesellschaft erhalten die Menschen Wertschätzung für ihre Talente und einfach dafür, dass sie da sind. Wenn alle die gleiche Wertschätzung erhalten, gibt es keinen Grund mehr, Geld nur aus dem Grund zu verdienen, um Wertschätzung zu erhalten. Die Menschen finden sich von Grund auf wertgeschätzt und sind somit glücklich und ausgeglichen. Diese Menschen haben die Zeit und das Interesse, sich um ihre Mitmenschen zu kümmern.

Having a career in the society of esteem

The word “career” can make ones heart leap for joy.  Why?   Perhaps it’s because a successful career is each person’s ultimate goal in modern society.

Having a career means that we are successful and receive esteem.  In our society we connect esteem to money and prestige.

We also associate career with something else in our society: fear.  Fear of losing our achieved goal and as a result losing esteem in the form of money and prestige.

Some people can build a career without producing real achievement because there are numerous ways to climb the career ladder.  To participate actively with talent alone is only one way.

The society of esteem has a different relationship to careers.

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Esteem replies to hierarchy of values, part 2

Hierarchy of values is the basis of our society. It works because two important points are fulfilled in the everyday life: comparison and competition.

In the last post, I wrote about comparison.  Today we’ll look at competition.

In a society with a hierarchy of values competition causes survival or death.   This may sounds overly dramatic but even the loss of a job can have sometimes tragic effects.

It’s quite common to assume that top performances can only be produced if we are driven by competition.  In a society with hierarchy of values it’s like this. The driving force of competition is fear of losing prestige, recognition and esteem. The loser in a competition is treated as less valuable, and is considered as less esteemed. Whatever achievements are created under competitive pressure they lead to short-term results and long-term human failures because of frustration, stress and fear.

The society of esteem knows no competition in this sense. Each person receives the same esteem for whatever his effort is. That’s why the people in the society of esteem are free from fearful feelings. People do what they do best and what they are able to do best. If there is a kind of competition in the society of esteem then it’s in the form of an internal impulse. As soon as our profession is a vocation we push ourselves freely to peak performance because we like our work and because our nature leads us to growing self-development.

The society of esteem replies to the hierarchy of values with esteem. If we live in a society of esteem we don’t have to deal with competitive stress. We can freely concentrate upon ourselves and our abilities. Only this brings us higher achievements lasting as long as our health and happiness.

Those who produce top performances with joy, motivation and full strength are the best foundation for a growing, healthy and equitable society.