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Talents in the society of esteem

It is easy to believe that people who do the same work have the same skills.  But every person has his or her personal talents and it’s quite easy to discover them.  Just speak with somebody who has the same occupation as you do, whether it be gardener, computer scientist, interior decorator, composer, lawyer…. or whatever your profession.

We can see this distinctively at a conference or trade show.  Everybody shares the same profession, but nobody is like the other.

Why is this?  Shouldn’t one lawyer, doctor or decorator be the same as any other?

You already know the answer, it’s because we are all different.

Our life experiences are different. Our thoughts, motives, weaknesses and strengths are different. Nobody in the world has exactly the same personality as anybody else.

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Hurray! I have received an esteem!

All right. May I ask for what we receive esteem?

If we do what another person wants of us. Or if we are rich. Or if we have an important profession. Or if we are intelligent. Or … The enumeration is endless. Each of us can enumerate something as experienced in life.

In Sikantis it reads as follows: Hurray! I receive esteem. Not only one. Not only for an action. And not only once in a while. The people in Sikantis receive always esteem for themselves as person and for their talents, whatever these are.

Yes, in Sikantis the people can cheer permanently.