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Having a career in the society of esteem

The word “career” can make ones heart leap for joy.  Why?   Perhaps it’s because a successful career is each person’s ultimate goal in modern society.

Having a career means that we are successful and receive esteem.  In our society we connect esteem to money and prestige.

We also associate career with something else in our society: fear.  Fear of losing our achieved goal and as a result losing esteem in the form of money and prestige.

Some people can build a career without producing real achievement because there are numerous ways to climb the career ladder.  To participate actively with talent alone is only one way.

The society of esteem has a different relationship to careers.

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Esteem for our work

In the economy we have occupations.  If you are one of the lucky ones in our society you get to have a job that is also your vocation. These are the people who are happy in their work and glad for each new working day.  Working hours are often not enough, because they are so fulfilled by their tasks.

More often work in our society means drudgery.  Surveys have shown that many people aren’t happy in their work. Each evening they can hardly wait to leave. They don’t find their vocation in their work but perhaps in their spare time, in their hobbies.

Why are so many people unhappy with their job? We could find the reason for that in the economic system of our society and in the rules of the hierarchy of value. Most people don’t choose their jobs according to their abilities but rather to the amount of the wages.  Work in our society primarily means earning money.

In the society of esteem economy works differently. The choices of the occupation occur according to the talents. In the society of esteem each single talent is esteemed, therefore the choice of career happens free of exterior stimulation such as money.  Each occupation is equally valuable.  Work means self-fulfillment.

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