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Esteem for performance?

In our society there are people who cannot work for physical or psychological reasons.   Others may not work because they are too old.   Many countries have pension plans that dictate when citizens have to stop working.  Some people willingly comply with this system.  They look forward to retirement.  Some of them didn’t like their jobs because it wasn’t what they really wanted to do.  After a full working life they are content to enjoy their hobbies and do what they love most.

Other people would prefer to work longer than the mandatory retirement age.  Stopping work only because of age doesn’t make sense to them.  Most likely they work in a job they love to do.  Their profession is their vocation.  They don’t see any reason to stop working as long as they’re healthy and successful.

The society of esteem allows everybody to work as long as they want to.  There are always people who want to stop working early in their lives, they can do it in the society of esteem.  The main reason why people want to work until old age is that everybody in the society of esteem chooses the job according to their talents and personal preferences.  Everybody works at the place they want to be, they perform the best and they get the most satisfaction. 

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Esteem, say what?

In the word ESTEEM we find terms like


Which of these names is considered with most background feelings? To figure this out, I invite everybody to add the word “Society” to these terms. How does it sound for example: Society of Love? Society of Admiration? What kind of feelings do you get?

Society of Esteem contains all terms, is definite and not filled with negative feelings. Is it right?